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Taime Koe, UX & UI designer

My project is my baby!

says pretty much everyone about their own project
I understand how important your project is to you, and will take the time we need to understand your visions and goals.
With my design expertise, I can help translate them into a valuable, curated experience for your users.

I can design your...

Creativity is not only present in aesthetics, but also in problem solving

Users have their own needs, goals, and expectations when they visit your website or app. I can idenfity problems, analyze target users, and curate the best way to match their needs with your business goals.
My creativity in designing and problem solving is at your service. From arranging information architecture, to creating a smooth user flow on wireframes, I can enhance user experience to make your platform more accessible and intuitive.

Every element of a design must have a function as well as an appeal

A good design is both functional and appealing. A good designer creates an impactful impression that gives values to users through a user interface that looks good and works well. These are my design principles.
By investing in good UI design, you can boost your ROI significantly. My job is to design a UI that communicates the right impression about your business to your target audience, and keep them coming back as returning users.

A design that is impossible to code is useless

With a basic understanding of html, CSS, and bootstrap framework, my web designs are functional, make coding simpler, and look good on any devices: personal comupters, tablets, and mobile.
Do you want a memorable landing page for your business? Do you want to increase user sign ups? Do you want to improve conversions? Let me know and I will design a website that help achieve your goals.

We must cater to our users and the devices they use

Different design standards and practices are required for mobile devices for better UI and smooth UX. I can cater designs to the way users naturally interact with and expect things to behave on their phones.
I am familiar with touch screens on iOS and Android, Apple's flat design and Google's material design. I can create mobile application UI that help user interactions on your app feels simple and intuitive.

Complicated data can be easily understood through well-designed visuals

I am experienced with designing software solutions for businesses in any industry to make the company's work flow more efficient. I will work closely with you to understand the nature of your business and design to suit your unique needs.
With this understanding, I can design enterprise application software that includes clean dashboards, inuitive data input, simple visual representations of complex information, all of which can be used by your team with minimal training.

Recommended by Kevin Barmish

Taime is among the best designers I’ve worked with. In her time at Agoda, Taime’s many deliverables had a measurable positive impact on Agoda’s website conversion. Taime is efficient and lightning fast, delivering in one week what would take the average designer 2-3 weeks. Taime was never afraid to step outside her ‘User Experience Designer’ role; she delivered a ton of value by driving user research and assisting in writing user stories. When working with Taime she always had a solid understanding of the business objectives of the design requests, frequently diving deep into the data to ensure her designs and flows drove the right results. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Taime again down the road.

Kevin Barmish, Senior Product Owner, Agoda

Recommended by Dynin Khem

Taime is FAST. Fast to learn trends and new workflows and fast to produce usable design deliverables. She picked up design prototyping in Origami Studio in one week and was able to produce high-fidelity prototypes for multiple user labs. She understands the role of design within the business context and effectively communicates customer needs and tradeoffs with Product Owners and Developers. Taime always has a positive attitude and will roll up her sleeves and do whatever is necessary to get the job done while maintaining her cool in ambiguous situations. If you are looking for UX Design help at any stage of product development I highly recommend working with Taime Koe.

Dynin Khem, Design Manager, Agoda

Recommended by Jeremie Tisseau

Taime has been a fantastic employee. She is smart, hard worker, great problem solver and creative at the same time. She is also very reliable. I know I can give her a very difficult project and she will take care of it from beginning to end without much supervision from my part. She also has perfect communication skills, both written and verbal. She can explain all her design solutions with solid arguments or explain some complex design interactions with just a few words. She was one of my best assets and it will be hard to find a replacement that is up to her level.

Jeremie Tisseau, CEO, Morphosis Apps Co. Ltd.

Recommended by Bjorn Harvold

I really liked what Taime did for us. She showed a great understanding of our business and users, and designed a clean and easy to use website that matched our needs. She clearly communicated with us from creating the user flow, wireframing, to finalizing the design. I highly recommend working with her.

Bjorn Harvold, CTO, Traveliko Singapore PTE. LTD.

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