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Oohoo Insurance

Project Details

Client: ASN Broker Public Co. Ltd.

Date: Mar - Apr 2016

Time: 90 hrs on 41 screens

Target users

Generation Y car owners who prefer doing their own purchases on the internet, rather than dealing with sales agents, and prefer to brow se options based on what's most important to them (e.g. price, coverage)


Design a good flow that takes users through browsing search results, comparing insurance, filling forms, to checking out - making complex insurance purchasing process seem simple

Search results

It's difficult to choose the right insurance - there is a lot of information to consider. I designed the search results page to be as simple as possible by displaying only important information to the users. All filters aim to make search results increasingly more relevant to each user' specific needs. More details can be viewed if users wish.

Insurance comparison

Users can select up to 5 insurance to compare. The selection bar appears at the bottom when an item is selected. Clicking "compare" leads to the comparison screen on the right with breakdowns on clean tables.

Mobile website

The mobile version has the same user flow with some feature changes to improve user experience on mobile devices. Only important information is shown, and lengthy details are hidden under "more details" popups.
 I did this project as an employee of Morphosis Apps Co. Ltd. and handled all work shown on this page and direct communication with the client

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